Are you ready to push your creative business and photography further?

My coaching program is built to ensure that we actually implement the strategies I will help you put forth. We will meet for a 2-hour deep-dive session to identify goals, plan a direction, identify pain points, and create strategies to move your business forward in the following 90 days.

Money Management

My super duper easy way of managing your cash will help you feel less strapped for cash, and make your business built on profit. Once you feel confident in your money management, every aspect of your business will fall into place!

Business Finances

Discover how to understand your own business finances and become your own chief financial officer (CFO). You will finally feel confident in your know your “numbers” and making smart goals, budgets, and decisions in your business. Run your business like a business!

Client & Project Management

Workflows are essential in every photography business. From the moment of your clients first contact with you, to the end of their wedding day, it’s important to have an automated process! It’s time to stop letting things fall through the cracks.

Some of the topics we can cover...

Sales & Business Management

Standing out in a crowded market place is hard! I can teach you the best ways to capture the right clients, serve them, and run your business with ease. Let’s take an in-depth look into your business strengths and weaknesses, and design an action plan to get it running smoothly!

 Album Design and Product Sales

Create a finished product business! Give your clients the gift of print and learn how to design and create the perfect heirloom products. Learn in-person and virtual sales to better serve your clients and create a high-end experience.

Goal Planning

My method for evaluation, visioning and creating action plans, big-picture goal planning, and business visioning will get you out of that burnt out stage, and feeling refreshed and ready to tackle and grow your business.

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When I think about powerful business brains in the photography industry, Jenny DeMarco comes to mind first.

"Not only does she live business intelligence first hand with her own thriving business, she shares her wisdom openly and lovingly with her coaching clients. I’ve been fortunate to have her coach me through both challenging and prosperous business times and decisions. She advises in a way that gives you far more than you even think you’re asking for. Whenever I start digging into a business idea and need another perspective, I always call Jenny first."

Jeremy Minnerick
St. Louis, MO


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