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Master Your Phone Consultation

Know exactly what to say on your next phone consult. Download the FREE script to book More weddings! It's time to get 2021 wedding calendar filled up with NEW bookings - and that means getting on the phone for new potential clients. Get our free Phone Consult workbook and script to feel confident and get booked! This workbook has step by step direction, checklists, and even swipe copy for your emails.

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How To Get on Planners Referral List

Planner referrals are a big part of my thriving business, and should be part of yours! Having planners refer their clients is essential to step into the luxury market. Learn the inside secrets to the photographer every planner loves and wants to refer their clients to!

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Difficult Conversations Guide

In this season of business, you might be having a lot of difficult conversations with clients. Knowing what to say, and how to work with them is overwhelming! These are my top 5 tips for handling touch client calls during this Covid-19 Pandemic. I’ll walk you through each step, and include a checklist to have ready before each call.

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emergency plan guide

Do have an emergency plan for you business? As wedding professionals, we always put our clients first, and are dedicated to delivering and being there on the wedding day! But what happens if an emergency comes up? Are you prepared? This free Emergency Business Plan template will help you get organized, and have a plan of action in the event of an emergency!

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how to make a money generating email list

Create a Money Generating email list TODAY! As a wedding photographer, you already have a network of former clients who love working with you! Its time to pivot and diversify into portraits and create an email list to bring in bookings and money now!

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You think or know you need one.. You want one! But what EXACTLY is a marketing plan and what does it look like in the photography business? This guide will walk you through exactly what a marketing plan, how to start yours, and the must-have items you need!

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