How To Create a Full-Service Album Design Process

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How To Create a Full-Service Album Design Process

As a wedding photographer, your goal is to create an incredible experience, while also assisting them in the best product choices. That is why having a full-service album design process is so important! Your couples are looking to create the perfect heirloom products, but also need a helping hand to guide them through the process. Plus, this gives you an incredible opportunity to make more product sales, since it is so high-touch! Today I am going to share what it means to have a full-service album design process, as well as what we do in my business, Jenny DeMarco Photography.

Create The First Draft

Our couples are busy, so they often times don’t have time to create the initial album design. Plus, they don’t have the time to learn new software! And they are so close to the images, so it’s hard for them to select the top images. That is why I create the first draft for all of my couples. I go through and select the top images, that tell their unique wedding story. This way, when they come into their in-person or video appointment, we have a gorgeous album for them to look at! Most of the time, clients have edits. But when you have the album drafted for them, it cuts the editing process in half!

How To Create a Full-Service Album Design Process How To Create a Full-Service Album Design Process

Do The Edits in Person

Make sure to do all of the edits in person, so there is no back and forth and countless emails. This can be done in person in your office or studio, or in a video call. Doing the edits live allows for you to have everything updated and confirmed in just an hour, instead of waiting for weeks to go by to hear back from the client. Our sessions last 1.5 – 3 hours, so there is plenty of time for us to do multiple albums. However, if the client wants gift albums, we do those as separate appointments.

We also encourage our couples to have the mother of the groom and the mother of the bride have separate appointments, so they can customize their parent albums to include more of their family shots. This also allows you to sell more albums! You can work with the mothers or fathers of the couple, and create multiple parents and family albums.

Green heirloom wedding album Detail shot of a wedding album

Sell The Quality

While we know why ordering albums through their photographer is the best option, you will also want to convey this to your clients. What is setting your albums apart? Is it the print quality? The incredible fabrics? That you edit all the images before they get printed? We personally quality check each and every album before our clients receive it, to double-check it is perfect. We also only use album companies and printers that calibrate their printers every day. It’s important to let the client know that their album will have no miss-prints or weird filters!

How To Create a Full-Service Album Design Process Austin wedding photographer

Offer A Suite of Products

Wedding albums are an incredible up-sell, but there are so many other products available! Look into wall art printing companies that also offer custom framing. This allows your client to have incredible wall pieces that are framed and ready to hand. Portfolio boxes are also great products since clients can order beautiful prints from you, and have a beautiful box to display them in. As you work with your clients, remember to give them the best, and most customized experience! They will be so thankful! If you are looking to master your album sales process, I offer coaching sessions that will help you take your sales to the next level! Learn in-person and virtual sales to better serve your clients and create a high-end experience. Reach out today to learn more!

How To Create a Full-Service Album Design Process