5 Tips to Feel Confident in Album Sales

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As a wedding photographer, album sales are one of the best ways you can add additional income! Not only does it create great passive income streams, but it is an important service to offer your couples. Albums have a high sentimental value and are something the couple will cherish for a lifetime. Plus, their parents often want an album of their own. Offering high-end, heirloom-quality albums are something your couples need!

But, selling these albums can be difficult. We live in such a digital world, where fewer couples are seeing the value in these albums. Plus, it is an additional expense that some don’t budget for. So today, I am sharing 5 tips to feel confident in album sales! These will help you not just sell more albums, but feel confident, and show your client the value!

Sell Albums You Love

It’s easier to sell something that you love yourself! Make sure to get samples from multiple album companies, so you can get a feel for the quality, and find the ones you like best. When I was searching for album companies, I made sure I chose the ones I felt the most confident in. I loved their product, their customer service, and the quality.

Also, focus on the products you love! If you do not love wall art, don’t try and sell framed wall art! Focus your sales on the products you are passionate about.

5 Tips to Feel Confident in Album Sales

See Yourself as The Designer

As you sell your albums, see yourself as the designer and personal shopper. You are making your couple’s purchasing journey easier by taking over the design! For every album, create the first draft. I go through and select the top images, that tell their unique wedding story. This way, when they come into their in-person or video appointment, we have a gorgeous album for them to look at! Make it incredibly easy for them to make the edits and place the order. This makes it easy for you to close the sale, and easier for them to say yes!

Looking for more information on the design process? Read about how to create a full-service album design process, here!

5 Tips to Feel Confident in Album Sales

Create Wiggle Room for Incentives

I suggest having one album be part of the photography package, but include incentives to order more or add on more pages. For example, you could include a 10×10 album with 10 pages, but when you create the draft, include 15 pages. But offer an incentive to add those pages! Maybe they get a discount when they add 5 or more pages. Or they get 10% off parent albums when they upgrade their own album. Another option is to have “album credits”. Maybe the couple gets $100 in album credits with their package. With an album credit, clients are more likely to go for upgrades, leading to higher-priced album sales.

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Find Solutions to Problems 

When presenting the design, don’t just show the ways to increase the price! When I am presenting the album to my clients, I show them ways to add and subtract pages and images. 

This lets me gain the trust of the clients! I am not showing ways to add pages and make more money, but also showcase how to cut items. This will also help sales feel less “slimy”. You are not just there to make money, but to listen to them, and work within their budget.

5 Tips to Feel Confident in Album Sales

Believe In The Product

You have to believe that having printed products are important. And you need to believe in the value of preserving these memories! With modern photojournalist photography, an album is the best method to show off the photos. These items tell a story and stand the test to time. Plus, they are easy to store and show off. Holding an heirloom album in your hands will always provide a better experience than looking at images on a phone or laptop. If you believe that albums are important, your clients will too!

Mastering Your Album Sales

If you are looking to master your album sales process, I offer coaching sessions that will help you take your sales to the next level! Learn in-person and virtual sales to better serve your clients and create a high-end experience. Reach out today to learn more!