Personal Coaching

Are you ready to push your creative business and photography further?

Jenny is already the go-to business mentor for many of her colleagues and friends in the creative community.  She is a great communicator and motivator on top of being an excellent and experienced teacher.  If you are feeling stuck and would like to work one on one with Jenny to push your business and photography to the next level she is here to help you.

Here are some of the many things she’s available to discuss:

Marketing and Networking Hustle:

how to grow your business by building strong relationships

Money Management: 

Jenny’s super duper easy way of managing your cash

Business Finances:

Discover how to understand your own business finances and become your own chief financial officer (CFO). You will finally feel confident in your know your “numbers” and making smart goals, budgets, and decisions in your business. Run your business like a business!

Client and Project Management:

How to streamline your workflow so you are on top of things

Sales and Business Management:

how to run a profitable business

Photography Product Design and Sales:

Create a finished product business! Give your clients the gift of print and learn how to design and create the perfect heirloom products. Learn in-person and virtual sales to better serve your clients and create a high-end experience

Goal Planning:

Jenny’s method for evaluation, visioning and creating action plans, big-picture goal planning, and business visioning

Photography Skills:

photographing real moments and capturing the emotion, lighting skills and camera knowledge, image critique, portfolio selections, and reviews

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